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Pokemon GO: How Strong Will MewTwo Be?

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Pokemon GO

With all the 151 Pokemon in Pokemon GO, players are free to mix and match all the creatures to create the ultimate team. While each player has his or her own preferences when creating a team, like overall Pokemon power or appearance, there are some Pokemon that just stand out from the rest. One of these Pokemon is the other half of the Mew Duo, MewTwo. Just how strong will Pokemon GO?s MewTwo be?

Since MewTwo is one of the Legendaries and is one of the most sought-after Pokemon in every Pokemon game he?s in, he?s one of the best ones to have in a team. Some players managed to make an estimate of MewTwo?s stat, thanks to data mining.

Redditor zehipp0 recently discovered the formula for determining a Pokemon?s total HP. Pokemon?s HP can be double than that of its base stat once it reaches level 100. MewTwo?s HP could reach up to 150, but that?s not taking into account other stats, so it could be higher. Again, this is just an estimate, but it could be close to MewTwo?s final stats as the data has been cross checked with all the available stats in the game.

When it comes to MewTwo?s offensive capabilities, Redditor Hamudra calculated each Pokemon?s stats, including moves, to see which ones are the most powerful in a certain category. When it comes to moves and their total DPS, Psycho Cut tops the list. This Psychic move is most probably part of MewTwo?s arsenal, so it?s another factor that makes MewTwo more powerful.

If all the data like HP, ATK and DEF are combined to measure the best Pokemon, MewTwo is on top of the list with a huge margin, and any player that has this Pokemon is sure to dominate.

Although MewTwo is still missing from Pokemon GO, we can expect a chance at it anytime soon with an event from Niantic.

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