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Pokemon GO Stories: Girlfriend Actually Thinks She Can Bring Home Pokemon

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Here are three things to remember to keep your girl happy:

#1 When she says she?s right, she?s right.

#2 When she says you?re wrong (even when you?re not), you are wrong.

#3 When she says she can bring home a Pokemon, agree and then do something about it.

Pokemon GO, an augmented reality game app, is taking the whole world by storm. This game is very addicting because it allows you to hunt Pokemon literally everywhere, and even in certain iconic places, using your smartphone. Players can also find out where the Pokemon are by using a map that tracks your location and shows you which Pokemon are nearby.

In England, it seems like somebody didn?t get the memo but still wanted to join the craze. This guy videos his girlfriend and her delusional logic on how to play Pokemon GO. Learn what kind of Pokemon game she was playing when she was younger – watch it here and try not to laugh!


So do couples who play Pokemon GO together actually stay together?

Chicago Tribune interviewed experts to see if this game is good for couples and their relationships. Although the game may be a good way to spend more time together, they would not encourage you to do so unless you can limit your time.

??Technoference?, the small everyday intrusions and interruptions that can come in relationships due to technology,” is serious and detrimental to relationships in some way. ?Since the game is addicting, it is advisable for couples to limit the amount of time chasing Pokemon around town, or rather, the amount of time they spend on their phones in general – that is IF they want to keep their relationship healthy.

“When we are on our phones, we aren’t able to multitask and also be emotionally attuned,” Alexandra Solomon, a licensed clinical psychologist, says. “The sneaky thing about multitasking is when we are multitasking, we can say, ‘I’m listening to you, I’m listening to you, I’m just also looking for Pikachu.’ We’ve got to make a choice. Are we in us time, or are we in Pokemon GO time.”

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