Pokemon GO Still Top Earning Mobile Game Despite 79% Drop on Users

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Pokemon GO Plus
Pokemon GO Plus

Pokemon GO reached its height last July, when US gamers pushed the game to the top of paid apps. Since then, reports revealed the game has massively dropped to 79 percent in terms of paying users. Despite the fall, the game?remains the top mobile game to earn the biggest revenue in 2016.

After the hyped up July launching of the game, Pokemon GO dominated the mobile game world in August. The game set the bar high in terms of revenue, occupying at least 28.4 percent of sales of mobile gaming. This was followed by the Candy Crush Saga with only 4.5 percent share in revenue. The rest has been for the other mobile games online meagerly dividing the shares.

Pokemon GO made a statement not only in terms of revenue. The Pokemon merchandise also experienced an uptick in sales last August, compared to the same month last year. Reports reveal that there was at least a 233 percent surge in the sale of Pokemon merchandise in the previous month. This is all thanks to the highly successful launching of the game.

The game remains one of the top contenders in the mobile app world especially in the US. But now, Pokemon GO is also available in 50 other countries, causing the app to be marred with different illegal apps. Previously, Niantic launched a warning and banned all users who applied illegal apps on Pokemon GO. Apparently, these illegal apps allowed players to catch Pokemon without leaving their stations.


Pokemon on Apple Watch

Pokemon GO is slated to arrive on the Apple Watch soon. A Pokemon GO Plus gadget is also expected to ship this Friday. The device can be worn as watch, or kept in the pocket of the user. The Pokemon GO Plus allows players to catch Pokemons without relying on their hand held gadgets. It has a retail price of 3,500 Yen in Japan and approximately US$34.99 in the U.S.

Are you still an active player of the Pokemon GO game? What do you think of the game?s popularity, declining in a span of two months? Don?t miss the latest game?updates and check them here on TheBitBag.


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