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Pok?mon GO Stats: New Adjustments in Latest Update

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Pokemon GO

Currently, Pokemon GO?s competitive Gym system only awaits players in the endgame. Players who?ve focused less on catching them all must understand the game?s systems to become the very best in it. However, players must also adapt to changes as Pokemon GO is also an online game governed by stats that determine the strength of a Pokemon. Here?s what you need to understand after the recent patch updates.

Charged Moves have been buffed immensely

After the recent patch, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Blizzard, Solar Beam and Hyper Beam have breached over the 100 damage mark, which means they are now capable of dealing extremely damaging attacks. As seen in ThePhranicum?s thread in the SilphRoad subreddit, plenty of Pokemon moves have been buffed and nerfed. You can view there on the spreadsheet posted by Reddit user Ustafo.

Hyper Beam and Blizzard can be found among the game?s current Pokemon stat leaders like Snorlax, Dragonite and Lapras. Strong moves on high-stat Pokemon are deadly, and such creatures are a good pick for either Gym offense or defense.

Quick Moves have been nerfed

ThePhranicum?s thread also lists some moves that have been nerfed in Pokemon GO. Most of them are Quick moves which constitute a Pokemon?s bread and butter damage in Gym battles. The nerf prevents players from relying on Pokemon that quickly defend Gyms through their reliable damage. Mostly, Pokemon GO?s competitive staple Eevee evolution Vaporeon has taken a great hit in this update as Aqua Tail and Water Gun were nerfed, but his good defense stats still make him relevant in the game?s PvP.

A post from Silph Road moderator dronpes shows some of the best Pokemon moves in the game after the update. Aside from the new moves, players should also consider looking at their Pokemon?s Combat Power and Individual Values to gauge their overall strength. Due to the game?s simple gameplay, Pokemon with great and balanced stats are generally better to use and manage than the situational ?low defense, high offense? glass cannons in Pokemon GO Gyms.

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