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Pokemon GO Starter Event: Special Event Still Not Over For Some Players

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It looks like the holidays aren’t over yet for some die hard fans of Pokemon GO. Reports from fellow trainers have been stating that the Pokemon GO starter event is still running in some areas around the world.

The Pokemon GO starter event was supposed to end on January 8 in the afternoon. But, it looks like the team from Niantic has extended their gift for those who are yet to complete their Pokemon list.

As reported by other Pokemon trainers in this Reddit post, there are still some areas that still plenty of starter Pokemon spawning. The likes of Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle are still reported to be making their appearance in certain areas. It’s not just a few random spawns as there are several starter Pokemon spawning in their area. 

It also looks like it will probably end soon as well. Judging by the time frame of the events, it will end midnight CET. Since the other event like the lures and the Santa Pikachu has ended around that time as well.

The starter event has been ongoing since December of last year and is still presently active. Players can still collect the candies they need in order to evolve their starter trio. They can also, if lucky enough, get a chance to catch some evolved starter Pokemon. The likes of Charmeleon, Wartortle and Ivysaur are still within their reach. After the holiday event is over, players better watch out for the next event that Niantic has in store for us. 

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The Pokemon GO starter event will eventually reach its end. So trainers better get busy and look around for more of those trio Pokemon. The Pokemon GO app is available for both iOS and Android. This is also a free-play game. You can also opt to buy in-app purchases just in case you run low on your Poke-supplies.

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