Pokemon GO Starbucks Event Details: Gen 2 Release Date Confirmed!

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After a Starbucks confidential manual leaked on the internet, the December 8 event between the popular coffee shop and Niantic will be confirmed soon! Big news: Pokemon GO is set to release additional Pokemon on December 12!

Pokemon GO Starbucks Event

Earlier, the trending but unconfirmed event of Pokemon GO and Starbucks will supposedly happen on December 8, Thursday. The leaked manual says, “Starbucks is collaborating with Pokemon in their new update on Thursday, December 8.”

The confidential document also included that majority of Starbucks stores across U.S. will become PokeStops and Gyms. The event will also signal the birth of a new Starbucks drink called the Pokemon GO Frappuccino.


The new drink, as shown in the leaked memo, will also have?raspberry and blackberry. The price for a Grande will be at $4.95. Similarly, Niantic took partnership with McDonald’s Japan to make some of its branches into PokeStops.

Pokemon GO Update: Gen 2 Update Confirmed?

Express Online shared Niantic’s statement about additional Pokemon that will be released on December 12, four days after the said Starbucks event.

The announcement reads, “The Pok?mon Company International and Niantic, Inc. will reveal details on December 12 about the first addition of more Pok?mon to Pok?mon GO, one of the most popular mobile games of the year. Stay tuned, Trainers!”

On the other hand, the statement did not include whether the update will be the second generation of the game’s Pokemon or some Legendary Pokemon roll-outs such as MewTwo or the Legendary Birds.

Pokemon GO Christmas Event

Reports have been circulating around the world wide web about Niantic’s Christmas Event for its popular mobile game Pokemon GO.

According to the news, players can expect Pokemon spawn, steps reduction and a speculation of the Legendary Pokemon arrival.

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