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Pokemon GO St. Patrick’s Event Update: Unlikely To Happen, Find Out Why

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St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and Pokemon GO players are surely waiting for confirmation whether or not Niantic Lab will launch an event. Although the developer has not disclosed any clues yet, there are already speculations online about what the event would bring once it’s released.

According to fans on The Silph Road subreddit, the event would likely bring a lot of green Pokemon. Similar to the Valentine’s event where pink creatures spawned a lot, the rumored St. Patrick’s Day event would make a lot of green Pokemon appear more often. Should that be the case, then trainers should expect to see more of Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Scyther, Caterpie, and Metapod in the game.

Another possibility stated in the page is a special edition of Pikachu. The post noted that the mouse Pokemon could be wearing a leprechaun hat during the event similar to previous events. It can be recalled that during the Christmas season, Niantic Lab made Pikachu wore a Santa Hat. On Pokemon Day, the electric-type Pokemon wore a birthday hat. These instances somehow indicate that a Pikachu in a leprechaun hat is likely possible.

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Lastly, a previous report claimed that lucky eggs will also be featured in the Pokemon GO St. Patrick’s Day event, if it’s ever released. It will be dubbed “The Lucky of the Irish” and is expected to double your XP for a half hour. On a bad note, Niantic Lab has not confirmed these theories yet, so let us wait for further announcements.

St. Patrick’s Day Event Possibility

Back in October, Niantic Lab announced their Halloween event on the 24th of the month, two days before the event started on October 26. Weeks after that, the developer confirmed the Thanksgiving event on November 21, which began on November 23rd, as reported by Heavy. The Christmas event, which started on December 25th, was announced two days before it began.

Similar to these cases, the Valentine’s Day event was confirmed six days before it actually started. This somehow indicates that if a St. Patrick’s Day event will take place, gamers should have been informed already. But since Niantic Lab has yet to reveal information about the event, it is safe to say that it is unlikely to happen.

There you have it! The latest news and updates about the Pokemon GO St. Patrick’s Day event. Do you think it will really happen later this week? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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