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Pokemon GO St. Patrick’s Day Event Predictions: Increased Grass Type Pokemon Spawns, And More

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pokemon go st. patrick's day
Gengar is ready to fight. [Image from the official Pokemon GO Facebook page]

After various holiday-themed events, fans want to know details about a possible Pokemon GO St. Patrick’s Day event. There is currently no hints about an event based on the holiday, but given the previous events, it’s possible. Fans have been guessing what we could see in the event, with most guessing a Pikachu with a leprechaun hat.

Other fans on The Silph Road subreddit have guessed plenty of green Pokemon getting spawned for the event. However, it’s not like Grass-type Pokemon are rare in the mobile game. Whatever the developers have planned, it will be interesting to see how they relate the holiday’s spirit into the game.

St. Pikachu’s Day?

If the Pokemon GO St. Patrick’s Day event happens, the surge of green Pokemon would make some sense. Pikachu in a leprechaun hat will likely happen, since we’ve also seen the mascot in a Santa and birthday hat. While the details of the event are still unknown, its likelihood is high, given the previous ones.

The recent addition of 80 new Pokemon from Gen 2 could also mean we’ll see a number of grass Pokemon from that generation. Mobile fans who want to evolve their Chikorita could get excited for this event, assuming it actually happens. Niantic’s lack of details for the possible event does not help, since they’re probably trying to figure out what to do as well.

Possible Event Goodies?

Fans might want more than a Pikachu with a funny hat from the Pokemon GO St. Patrick’s Day event. Previous events were able to give players extra candy, XP, and stardust, so they could double that for the St. Patrick’s Day event. While it wouldn’t make much sense to do it in this holiday, fans won’t complain since it will help them evolve their creatures. What’s more possible in this event is a longer effect for Lucky Eggs, since luck is associated with St. Patrick’s Day. 

While mobile players have been curious about the game’s major and minor updates, events could help keep them excited. It was recently confirmed that the mobile title’s gym battles were getting a major overhaul, though it wasn’t explained how. Either way, fans were excited about the news and they can’t wait to see what this major update has in store for them.

Pokemon GO is available now on both iOS and Android devices as a free download. Though it is free, there are certain items that have to be paid for.

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