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Pokemon GO: How To Spot And Report Botters

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In a surprising turn of events, Niantic has made sure that nearly every Pokemon locator app will be useless. Some fans have commented that Niantic is ignoring the real problem with the game which is rampant botting and cheating. Players who don?t cheat are certainly put at a disadvantage, and the only solution for now is to report Pokemon GO cheaters to Niantic. But how does one spot a botter?

Botting is common in small- and medium-sized cities. Since the required XP to get from 34-35 or 36-40 is really huge, it requires a lot of effort to progress especially if the player is living in a small area. Small areas are known to have fewer Pokemon, PokeStops and even Pokemon Gyms as compared to big cities, so leveling up is a tough job. With the game?s low XP gain, getting to 40 might take months. By checking also the account of the player, it?ll be easy to determine if the player is a bot if the name of the account contains randomly generated letter and numbers.

People from small areas that have level 35 players is virtually impossible unless the player travels to big cities to play Pokemon GO, Redditor saxaddictlz said. Another way to spot a cheater is by checking out a Pokemon Gym. Some Gyms are apparently filled with 3000 CP Pokemon. If this isn?t suspicious enough, it?s worth noting that the names of the trainers are similar.

Reporting these botters is as easy as answering this ticket form from Niantic. Players have reported that Niantic takes a long time to respond. Replies take up to days and weeks, so players will have to be patient. Alternatively, players can also visit the settings of Pokemon GO and then go to ?report high-priority issue? to file a report.

Niantic is a little light on punishing cheaters and it may be because it thinks that the problem is not that rampant yet. Reporting players might be the best way to let Niantic notice the real problems of the game.

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