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Pokemon GO Spawn Rate Increased In New Update?

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Pokemon GO has been going through various ups and downs lately. The mobile title recently received an update that got rid of some of the game’s problems but also added new ones. That being said, fans are still discovering what other things the developers in Niantic tweaked, one of which might be the spawn rate of Pokemon in the game.

A mobile player on Reddit did some research about the Pokemon spawn rate since the update, and it seems like there might be more Pokemon for some areas. This has gotten a mixed reception since other players have reported that they actually have fewer Pokemon to catch now in most areas. It seems to be inconsistent.

This is one of the odder problems the game is suffering from, since it really differs from player to player. Fans were hoping that there would simply be more spawn rates for everyone, but that hasn’t been the case for players. Some have seen more Pokemon, while others see no Pokemon at all, which is obviously a problem for a game that is centered on catching them all.

It seems like Pokemon GO can’t be consistent with its quality. Fans can now re-edit their avatar’s look whenever they please, but they also have to watch for Grimers when venturing through areas, since they might make the game crash. Now the spawn rates are just messed up, which is not great for a certain number of fans.

There are more or less Pokemon spawn rates. It depends on the area.

Niantic has expressed interest in updating the game twice a month, and for the most part, they have succeeded. Previous updates have given players smoother servers and freezing issues, so they have gotten mixed views as well. Should Niantic follow the schedule they have set for themselves, it seems like we’ll see another update in two weeks. Here is hoping the next one gets positive views.

Pokemon GO is now available in certain countries and is slowly getting a worldwide release. The game has arrived in more countries despite its problems, so it should be available to all gamers soon. Players can get the game on their iOS and Android devices.

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