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Pokemon GO: Spawn Mechanics Changed By Niantic in Latest Update

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Another day, another round of Pokemon GO theorycrafting. Last week, we detailed how Niantic may have quietly lowered the egg-hatching speed limit after the latest update for the game. This time, it?s spawn timers and mechanics that are going under the microscope.

More Unannounced Pokemon GO Changes In Latest Update

Several hardcore trainers on?The Silph Road have been busy mapping out Pokemon GO spawn locations and frequency rates. Since the latest update, they have noticed some significant tweaks to the system. A user named LaMoula outlined his findings in a comprehensive post.

After the patch, he noticed that several of the spawn points of Pokemon around his neighborhood had their timers altered. Based on his findings, it seems that Niantic has introduced a new random spawn system at some locations in the game.

?They spawn at seemingly random times, with different number of spawns per hour. Once again, checked with the coordinates to make sure it wasn’t a few very close spawn points. One of these actually spawn about 5 to 6 Pokemon per hour, while the rest seems to be 3 Pokemon/2 hours or so,? reads his analysis.

The type of Pokemon that appear at these spawn locations also seems to have changed. ?One of these spawned 6 or 7 Drowsee in a row (pretty rare where I live). After that, it went on to spawn several Krabby in a row (also pretty rare),? he explained. ?This could also be a coincidence, but considering the fact that I caught about 10 Krabby since the game was released, I find it hard to believe!?

Several commenters on the thread reinforced his observations, saying that Pokemon that used to be hard to find now appear more frequently in the game.

Have you noticed this change after the latest Pokemon GO update? Share your findings in the comments below.

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