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Pokemon GO Sounds Effects Broken? How to Fix SFX Issues

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Pokemon Go

It?s no secret that Pokemon GO has had its fair share of bugs since it was launched this July. From the frozen Pokeball glitch to the 1 HP Gym bug, players have been reporting several game-breaking issues. Another problem trainers have been running into concerns the game?s sound effects.

Some Pokemon GO Players Are Reporting Sound Glitches

Some players have reported that the in-game sound effects completely disappear. Some say this is caused by how the app interacts with the notification sounds of your phone.

?I’ve checked all my settings, checked my phone volume, restarted my phone…. for the past couple days I have no in-game sound effects, and it’s only Pokemon GO, all my other games are fine… So I have to actually look at my phone to see when they pop up.. no more sounds to alert me when one comes near to catch it… Anyone else experiencing this?? complained user ArmorAbby on Reddit.

A commenter by the name of Moots7 said that he only gets the sound to work in Pokemon GO once he receives a notification from a different app. He also said that one way to work around this bug is to try and disable notification sounds on your device.

?If you’re on Android the only thing I’ve found is to boot the game with notification sounds off, leaving only media up. Then I can at least hear the game, and check all buzzing for texts/emails/whatevers.?Hope this helps!? he replied.

As for iOS devices, we are not quite sure whether this fix will work or not. However, it is definitely worth a shot for those who encounter frequent sound issues when playing the game.

Niantic rolled out a patch for Pokemon GO last week, but several issues still remain. Hopefully, they can work on resolving the issues quickly so trainers can start playing hassle-free.

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