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Pokemon GO: Rare Pokemon Sniping Leads To Immediate Ban

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Players of Niantic’s augmented-reality title featuring Pokemon have been plagued by countless spoofers and snipers since the game launched. The future of the game is looking better though as Niantic is slowly but surely taking care of the cheaters in the game. Recently, Niantic has implemented a new way to snipe out snipers in Pokemon GO and the community couldn’t be happier with the recent change.

After taking care of GPS spoofers in Pokemon GO a few weeks ago, Niantic recently set their sights on snipers in the game. Redditor apemyteddy recently shared some findings from Discord after a recent change in the game. Now, snipers have been completely taken care of in Pokemon GO. “Snipers now get soft banned instantly, so it’s safe to assume their accounts are getting flagged,” the poster said on Discord

Even better is that regular players aren’t affected by the change as the map in the game wasn’t affected by Niantic’s rally against snipers. For now, it would be best to help out Niantic and report any possible snipers in the area as the change could still be in the early stages.

Pokemon GO Hub reports that just recently, Niantic was discovered to have been testing new ways to easily track down GPS spoofers and snipers. It looks like their hard work finally paid of this time. A few days ago, those who used Lures would get soft bans, but that issue has been sorted out already and only the real snipers are being taken care of.

GPS spoofing is different from sniping in a few ways. For starters, spoofers are easier to detect than snipers. It was also hard for Niantic to track down snipers and hand out the proper punishment. This is one of the reasons why snipers were only addressed now whereas spoofing has been sorted out a few weeks ago.

The reason why snipers are harder to detect is because they cover shorter distance jumps as compared to spoofers. Moreover, snipers jump from one place and back to avoid getting detected.

Snipers basically teleport to a map coordinate of a Pokemon on the GPS. They’ll then initiate a battle with the Pokemon and while mid-battle, the players and the Pokemon will teleport back to the original coordinate, thus fooling the game into thinking that the Pokemon was encountered in the usual manner.

Niantic is yet to release a statement regarding the matter. Players have also yet to know whether or not this is a permanent fix to snipers or not as in the early days of the GPS spoofer fix, Niantic started out with temporary steps.

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