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Pokemon GO Slow? Latency Issues Possibly Allows Faster Speed Limit

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It seems like Pokemon GO has regained some much needed momentum and has ironically slowed down as a result. This might sound like a bad thing, but the game slowing down is a result of players logging in simultaneously. While the game has some latency issues, they were noticed by Niantic and are getting fixed.

Speaking of speed, players have noticed the transportation limits of the game have been increased quite a bit, which is great. This should be convenient for those who like to play the game on Uber or other forms of public transportation. While the speed limit increase wasn’t officially announced, it is nice seeing Niantic listen to their fans about these issues. However, it’s also possible that having a higher speed limit was unintended and is only a result of the latency issues. 

Everyone’s A Slowpoke

Niantic confirmed the Pokemon GO slowdown on Twitter while also stating that they would fix it and thanking the fans. Obviously, no one is going to like the slowdown, but the developers are happy that players are checking the game out. Fans know that the game has lost plenty of steam since its debut, even though it still makes money.   

Sadly, the latency issues have resulted in some Gen 2 Pokemon escaping players, which is a huge problem. The additional creatures are nice, but players might lose them if these problems remain. Here is hoping that these issues get fixed soon, or Niantic will lose the fans they just got.

No Need To Slow Down Sir

When Pokemon GO was at its peak, players would take road trips but would have to slow down for catching. This has seemingly been fixed, according to the Silph Road subreddit, which fans are thankful for. Now, players can catch Pokemon at up to 50mph, so commuting around should be a blast for them.

Of course, players should still be careful when commuting while playing the game, since a number of dangerous things could happen. To be fair, most adult players have been safe when playing the game, so that doesn’t seem to be a huge issue. As long as they don’t break any laws, the game shouldn’t cause any problems for longtime players and bystanders.

With the Gen 2 update, Pokemon GO has received plenty of momentum again, which can only lead to good things. There are currently 80 plus Pokemon that have been released, though they might not be immediately available. Download the game now on iOS and Android for free, though there are in-app purchases for additional bag and Pokemon space.

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