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Pokemon GO Singapore Launch Date Soon, Other Southeast Asian Countries To Follow?

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Pokemon GO Southeast Asia Launch

?Pokemon GO? has taken over the lives of countless gamers all over the world. The game initially launched last July 6 in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. Since then, it has gradually been released in several other countries with the total now coming up to 37 nations enjoying it. Sadly, countries in Southeast Asia have not been lucky enough to get the game yet but that may soon change as the ?Pokemon GO? launch in Southeast Asia could be coming next.

?Pokemon GO? has become one of the most successful mobile games today and it has become a worldwide sensation. The Asian region though was a bit late to the party, with Japan and Hong Kong only getting the game just a couple of weeks ago. ?Pokemon GO? launched in Japan, the birthplace of the Pokemon phenomenon, only last July 21. After Japan, the game was released in Hong Kong on July 24.

While the game was finally released in two Asian countries, the rest of the region is still waiting for the official launch of ?Pokemon GO.? According to The Verge, ?Pokemon GO? was supposed to launch in Europe and Asia ?within a few days? after the July 11 report was published. The Europe launch indeed happened but other than Hong Kong and Japan, the rest of Asia is still waiting for the augmented reality game to arrive.

While it may have taken a while, Pokemon fans in Southeast Asia may finally be getting the game in the near future. A report from CNN cites that Singapore may be the country where ?Pokemon GO? is launching next. There have been no details yet as to when that would be, but based on the gap between the Japan and Hong Kong launch, it could suddenly launch in Singapore as early as a week or so.

Pokemon Go

If ?Pokemon GO? does indeed launch in Singapore next, it could be a sign that the rest of the Southeast Asian countries will not be too far behind. It remains to be seen if the CNN report will turn out to be true but surely Pokemon fans in Southeast Asia will be keeping their fingers crossed until the game finally arrives in their shores.

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