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Pokemon GO Singapore Launch Confirmed Soon?

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Pokemon Go Singapore

The ?Pokemon GO? craze is just not slowing down with more and more people playing the mobile game every day. Ever since it launched last July 6 in selected countries, the game has dominated the Apple App Store and Google Play charts and has invaded many more countries.

Now, it appears that the game is finally reaching the shores of Asia as the ?Pokemon GO? Singapore launch is expected to be the next one that will happen.

?Pokemon GO? has become a huge hit in the U.S., Europe, Australia and other countries but Asia has been the last to get the game. ?Pokemon GO? was only launched in Japan on July 21. Many people were wondering why the game arrived late in the birthplace of the Pokemon phenomenon but now people in Japan have been immersed in the augmented reality game.

After launching in Japan, ?Pokemon GO? was next released in Hong Kong on July 24. So far, Japan and Hong Kong are the only Asian countries which have ?Pokemon GO.? Asian Pokemon fans have been rallying for the game to finally launch in the region and it appears that their cries may soon be appeased.

Pokemon GO

According to CNN, Singapore could be the next country where the game will be launched. There is exactly no timetable yet as to when it will happen but based on the interval between previous launches, the game could arrive in Singapore as early as the next couple of weeks.

After Singapore, there have not been any report as to which countries will follow but certainly Pokemon fans in the Philippines, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries are keeping their fingers crossed that their country will be next.

?Pokemon GO? has surely taken over the lives of many gamers and surely when it launches in Singapore, the same can be expected. Watch out for more news and updates on the exact date for the ?Pokemon GO? Singapore launch and be the first to know exactly when you can get your career as a Pokemon trainer started.

Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news on ?Pokemon GO? as well as find out other trending stories in the world of gaming.

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