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Pokemon GO Sightings: Tracker Update Works Like PokeVision

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The latest Pokemon GO update has changed the Nearby feature into Pokemon GO Sightings, which lessened the appearance of certain Pokemon and added a nice grass drawing to them. It turns out that something better is coming, as Niantic has had certain testers try out a newly improved tracking system that bears some similarity to the PokeVision app.

As seen on NeoGAF, Niantic has had some testers try out the game’s new tracking system and it looks like a huge improvement over what is currently in the mobile game. The new tracking system seems to rename the Pokemon GO Sightings as Nearby again but actually shows the location the Pokemon might be in rather than a patch of grass.

Even better is the fact that tapping the Pokemon will give players an overhead view as to where the creature could be. This is something fans have wanted for quite sometime and will definitely please those who miss the PokeVision app. With it, no one will complain about easier ways to catch Pokemon, especially when it comes to the ones players haven’t caught yet.

It seems like the current Pokemon GO update is just a precursor to what will be coming to the mobile game. The current update fixes a few problems and slightly improves the tracker, but it isn’t the big fix the mobile game needs. Seems like that fix is coming much sooner than expected and it could be glorious.

On the NeoGAF thread, there is a neat GIF that shows how the new tracker works and how much better it is than the current one in the game. The overhead view showing where the Pokemon is is great, and the transition from the menu to the actual game looks really nice. Despite all of these features, it still lacks one of the most essential feature in PokeVision.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices. The game is a free-to-play mobile title but has in-game purchases that require real money. Players can spend money on Poke Balls, Incense items and much more so they can catch more Pokemon.

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