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Pokemon GO: Why You Shouldn’t Level Up Fast

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A lot of Pokemon GO players are currently focused on getting their trainer levels as high as possible. Here on TheBitBag, we?ve aided in that quest by publishing numerous guides on how to maximize XP gains to be able to reach high levels quickly. However, a player on the Pokemon GO Reddit has made a case for actually doing the opposite.

Pokemon GO End Game Content Still Needs Work

According to a user by the name of Riggnaros, Pokemon GO?s end game content is currently?pretty unbalanced and in desperate need of refinements.

The first aspect he criticized was how the experience progression scales at higher levels. Trying to level up past level 25 will be a massive grind for most players due to the lack of any real source of consistent XP gain.

?Outside of evolves, Pokedex entries (which don?t exist at later levels), and egg hatching, this game has no source of bulk xp to chip away at these astronomically high numbers. I can guarantee it will be changed at some point, but that point needs to be sooner than later,? he explained.

This problem is also compounded by the fact that catching Pokemon becomes extremely difficult at higher levels. Based on his experiences at level 30, he said that even the most basic Pokemon like Pidgey and Rattata have a high chance to break out of your Pokeball.

While grinding from level 29 to 30, he went through a whopping 1000 Pokeballs. Given the current rates at which PokeStops dole out items, you?re going to need to do a lot of walking if you want to have the ammo required to deal with these artificially decreased capture rates.

Pokemon GO is still in its early stages, and we have no doubt that Niantic is busy on working on the problems mentioned in this thread. But until those fixes come, it might be best to just play Pokemon GO at your own pace to avoid these late game frustrations.

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