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Pokemon GO Shop Tweaked For Cheaters, Niantic Removes Purchase Option

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Out of all the things that Niantic has done for its augmented-reality game based on the Pokemon universe, fans can’t be more happy with what the developer is doing currently. These past months, Niantic has been keen on hunting down and punishing cheaters in the game. Just recently, Niantic has once again taken new steps to reprimand cheaters in Pokemon GO.

A lot of Pokemon GO players are reporting that Niantic has implemented a unique way to punish cheaters in the game. Redditor TheGoodSpeler reports that players who have been flagged for cheating have access to a different shop. In the tweaked shop, players aren’t able to purchase any of the game’s items.

If players have been flagged for cheating and they choose to access the store in the game, they’ll only be able to purchase PokeCoins from the shop. This is useless as they aren’t allowed to buy any other in-game items. Basically, cheaters will be banned from purchasing an array of items including Pokeballs, Incubators, Incense, and even healing items.

Those affected can still get items from PokeStops but it won’t take long for them to eventually run out of items to use. Unless players have access to a ton of PokeStops nearby, then they’ll have to play the game without having to use the most useful items.

Aside from the tweaked Pokemon GO shop, Niantic also implemented other disruptive punishments for players who have been flagged for cheating. The Silphroad reports that bot accounts are getting shadowbanned from the game. The punishment being that these accounts get to encounter less Pokemon. If the shadowbanned account encounters a Pokemon, only common species can be found by it.

The new punishments are Niantic’s methods in discouraging players from cheating in Pokemon GO. The new punishments come just a few weeks after the developer began fortifying the game to avoid snipers and GPS spoofers alike. It might only be a matter of time before there are no more cheaters in the augmented reality title.

The anti-cheating methods are the beginning of what Niantic has in store for the game. There are still other major updates to come this year which could include the Gym rework, Legendaries, and many more. Slowly but surely, Niantic is making Pokemon GO a better title for those still playing.

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