Pokemon GO: Are There Shiny Pokemon?

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Pokemon GO

Shiny Pokemon in the main Pokemon games are often rarer versions of most Pokemon due to their slightly altered colors and different stats. Catching any Shiny Pokemon definitely gives you a bragging right as they rarely appear. However, Pokemon GO players still don?t know if Niantic?s game actually has Shiny Pokemon to catch in the wild. Here?s what we know so far.

As seen on HumanLiaisonBot?s thread in the SilphRoad Reddit, Pokemon GO players are doubtful of Shiny Pokemon in the game. The thread cites a video from Joel Knowl which shows a Shiny Magikarp. Players believe that catching such shiny Pokemon was made possible by third party apps and cheating. Here?s the video.

Niantic may easily generate hype for fans with the implementation of Shiny Pokemon along with the low spawn chance wild Pokemon and Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Shiny Pokemon fits well with the game?s focus on catching Pokemon rather than continuously having trainer battles with each other. Having Shinies in the game could provide an avenue for players to have some sort of ?collector?s pride? in the game. The game?s Candy System discourages many players from keeping many Pokemon of the same type as it feels more rewarding to evolve and breed Pokemon with good Combat Power for the game?s Gyms rather than keeping a ton of the same Pokemon in a player?s storage.

More than just the different colors, Shiny Pokemon also had a stat difference back in Generation 2 Johto Pokemon Games or the Gold/Silver/Crystal versions. Since the mobile game is just in Generation 1, it?s entirely possible that Niantic may implement this Shiny Pokemon stat difference system in the next major update as it became a cosmetic feature later on. Pokemon GO?s simpler Combat Power system and bigger competitive scene may be a perfect fit for a Shiny Pokemon advantage to add some sort of wildcard reward for its players.

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