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Pokemon GO Shiny Magikarp Spawn Isn’t Shiny For Everyone

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A Magikarp
A Magikarp From The Pokemon Anime Series [Image Captured From YouTube]

After the long wait, Shiny Pokemon are finally in the game and players have a lot more to catch than just the regular Pokemon variants. The mechanics regarding the Shinies aren’t detailed yet, and players are still discovering the know-hows of the feature. Most particularly, players are still on the fence about how Pokemon GO Shiny Magikarp works in the game.

The Water Festival spawn event started recently, but things got even more exciting when more and more players began discovering that the Pokemon GO Shiny Magikarp is finally in the game. Many players speculated that the Shiny Magikarp appears every time, but apparently that isn’t the case.

Redditor OneLastSpock reports that he and his friend went to the same spot to catch the Pokemon GO Shiny Magikarp, but one of them didn’t get the Shiny variant. This confirms that players will still have to rely on luck for a chance at Shiny variants. 

What’s also unknown for now is just how rare Shiny variants could be. Many players are reporting that they’ve gotten a Shiny Magikarp already, but there are still some posting that they’re having trouble encountering the rare variant. Many are hoping that the Niantic doesn’t follow the same system with the Pokemon RPGs.

In the Pokemon RPGs, Shiny variants are ultra rare. Players can play through the entire game without encountering a Shiny variant. Many employ various methods to increase the chances of getting a Shiny variant but even then, the chances are relatively slim.

Luckily, for Pokemon GO players, it seems like Shiny variants in the game aren’t as rare as the ones in the RPG series. For now, it’s best to just go around Magikarp spawn areas and hope for the best to encounter a Shiny variant.

Like in the RPG series, Shiny variants don’t carry any special stat or unique moves as compared to their regular counterparts. Catching Shinies won’t reward players with anything special aside from a reskin of  a Pokemon. Still, it’s worth having a Shiny variant in the team for bragging rights.

If players evolve the Shiny Magikarp, they’ll be getting Red Gyarados, which is the Shiny variant of the blue Gyarados. Players should be hard-pressed on getting a Shiny Magikarp now since there’s a good chance in getting one thanks to the new event in-game.

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