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Pokemon GO Shiny Magikarp: Skin Color Variants And What Happens If You Evolve Shinies

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A Shiny Magikarp
Shiny Magikarp In Pokemon GO [Image Captured From Pokemon GO Gameplay]

It’s quite a feat to capture all of the currently available creatures in Pokemon GO. However, players should brace themselves for bigger challenges up ahead as the very rare Shiny variant of Pokemon are finally in the game. One of the Shiny variants that players are seeing are for Magikarp and Gyarados. Here’s everything to know about Pokemon GO Shiny Magikarp.

Pokemon GO Shiny Magikarp

A few players have already sighted a few Shiny variants already and one of which is Magikarp. Once evolved, the Pokemon retains its rarity and becomes a Gyarados. These special creature isn’t all that rare also as players over at The Silph Road have reported to catching one already.

Pokemon GO Shiny Magikarps are spawning all over since the start of the Water Festival event. However, unlike what many speculate, Shiny Magikarps don’t always spawn in one area. Players will still have to be pretty lucky and patient before getting a hand at a Shiny variant. Basically, a few players still have to work hard for the Pokemon GO Shiny Magikarp.

The Water Festival event leaked as early as yesterday on Facebook. One of the more interesting details from the leak is that evolving a Shiny Magikarp will yield a Shiny Gyarados. 

What Are Shinies?

Shiny Pokemon aren’t exactly shimmering Pokemon, instead, they are have a different color variant from a regular Pokemon. In the main Pokemon gameseach monster has its own Shiny variant, so there’s basically hundreds of Shiny variants to collect.

Stat-wise, Shiny variants aren’t more powerful than their regular counterparts. They carry the same stat build and movelist of their counterparts . However, despite being basically the same as other Pokemon, Shiny Pokemon are still coveted by many players.

In the Pokemon RPG series, Shiny variants are extremely rare and players spend hours upon hours in getting one. When it comes to getting Shiny Pokemon, it’s all about luck and patience.

Players can expect the same mechanic when Pokemon GO Shinies arrive. They’ll be extremely hard to catch and all players get at the end of getting one is bragging rights. However, Niantic may still add something new to spice up the feature.

The Silph Road’s datamine of Pokemon GO APK v0.59.1, it revealed that more features catering to Pokemon GO Shinies have been added to the game. “It is not clear at this point if, when shinies launch, you will be able to browse through all shiny variants in the Pokedex without encountering them, or not. One thing that is clear, however, is that there is only a ‘Shiny Captured’ button variant, where the other buttons have a ‘captured’ and a ‘seen’ variant,” says the report.

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