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Pokemon GO Shiny Magikarp Spawns Confirmed Permanent, New Shinies Possibly Soon

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Pokemon GO Shiny Magikarp
Source: Shiny Magikarp Spotted! video

The official Pokemon GO Twitter confirmed that the Water Festival event has finally concluded. The tweet also said that the shiny Magikarps are still catchable even without the event. Potentially, Niantic may implement more Shiny Pokemon in the mobile game soon.

Shiny Magikarp Still Happens

The Pokemon GO Twitter posted about the conclusion of the recent Water Festival event. Additionally, the tweet mentioned that shiny Magikarps are still obtainable after the event. Players hoping to catch a shiny Pokemon can still go out and try their luck.

More Shinies Incoming?

Potentially, the shiny Magikarp addition to the wild might be to give way for more shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Shiny Pokemon couldn’t be found in the wild during Pokemon GO’s earlier versions. Fans may need  to look out for any shiny Pokemon sightings from now on.

Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Magikarps are colored bright yellow rather than their usual orange color. When evolving to Gyarados, the color of its scales are red instead of blue. As for other Pokemon, their shiny versions have a different color to them and they’re marked with a small star near their name.

Shiny creatures also have an advantage than their regular versions according to the game’s version. Some shinies have better stats than their usual versions. However, Pokemon GO’s shiny creatures may just be for show of luck to other people as they don’t have better stats than regular ones.

Pokemon GO so far

Recently, the latest Pokemon GO happenings are the Water Festival event which also brought about the shiny Magikarp. The Water Festival event improved the encounter rates of Water-types. Two days later, Niantic officially announced that people can now find shiny Magikarp in the wild. The improved Water-type encounter rate and shiny Magikarp announcement encouraged many players to go try their luck for one.

As the Water Festival has ended, players might be less willing to find these rarer creature versions in the wild. Players now have a lower encounter rate without the boost. The search is not entirely impossible, it’s tedious to find them because of its rarity. According to Pokemon GO players on RicDan’s thread in The SilphRoad subreddit, players will need to investigate each of the Magikarp encounters as there is no visual difference before the shiny encounter. Players can only hope for the best when catching these rarer Pokemon variants. Stay updated with more Pokemon GO news here on The BitBag.

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