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Pokemon GO Shiny Bulbasaur Could Spawn During Grass-Type Event

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Pokemon GO Update
Source: The World of Pokémon GO has Expanded! video

A new event is going to go live for Pokemon GO soon and it will give players the chance to capture more Grass-type Pokemon than usual. There are other bonuses up ahead for players who log in the game at the set date of the event. Moreover, it looks like Niantic has already hinted that Pokemon GO Shiny Bulbasaur is also going to be a part of the new event.

Niantic’s post on the Pokemon GO official website features an oddly colored Bulbasaur. The event has been the talk of the community because of Bulbasaur’s discoloration and many are wondering if its Shiny variant will make an appearance during the Grass-type event that begins on May 5 and ends on May 8th.

Redditor apemyteddy shares a few reasons why Pokemon GO Shiny Bulbasaur is set to make its debut soon. For starters, the Redditor shows off a few evidences that sort of reveal that the Bulbasaur seen in the post by Niantic is a 6th gen model of the Shiny Variant. More specifically, it’s a model found in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Then, the guys over Pokemon GO Hub did a little comparison of the Bulbasaur seen at the post and the one in Pokemon GO already. From the look of things, the two models of Bulbasaur are actually different and this is more evidence pointing to the Shiny Variant being in Pokemon GO.

Redditor apemyteddy also shares that there are two versions of the image circulating around the web, both showing a slightly different colored Bulbasaur. However, players are speculating that this is just Niantic trying to sidetrack players from the surprise in store at the upcoming event.

If Shiny Bulbasaur does come to Pokemon GO during the event, players won’t be. In the Water Festival, Shiny Magikarp were found all around. It’s likely that Niantic will once again include a new Shiny variant with the Grass-type event.

What’s certain for now is that more Grass-types will be found during the duration of the event. Moreover, Lure Modules will last for 6 hours instead of 30 minutes. Whether or not Shiny Bulbasaurs will come is still a mystery for us but we only have to wait a little while longer before the event begins.

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