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Pokemon GO: Why Sharing Accounts Might Get You Banned

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Pokemon GO

Despite any good intention, Pokemon GO players who share accounts may get banned soon. It?s counted as one of the ?cheating? offenses in the game. Additionally, account sharing allows players to conveniently and collectively grind accounts to level limits easily. Here?s why you shouldn?t share accounts in Niantic?s mobile game.

According to the official Pokemon GO support page on Trainer guidelines, account sharing is considered cheating in the game. Similar to GPS Spoofing, players will also get banned if they?re caught account sharing, as seen in Captain_Grimjoy?s thread on the Pokemon GO Reddit. Alternatively, using multiple accounts is also considered a bannable offense in the game.

However, getting caught sharing accounts only yields a soft ban. This ban only prevents offenders from accessing the game for a few hours, but they can start playing again afterward. Due to the unimposing nature of this short ban, players can repeatedly share accounts and just wait out the soft bans. However, the soft bans may prevent players from maximizing the account?s experience gain which may discourage mass account farming.

For now, Niantic still hasn?t announced if they?re done fixing Pokemon GO. Additionally, the company has been simultaneously releasing more servers while fixing the game. While Niantic?s focus is on making servers available and fixing the title, the game?s security may be less of a priority for now.

Previously, Niantic was quick to punish offenders during the game?s closed beta, and dataminers and leakers? devices were blocked once they?re caught sharing game info to the public. However, Pokemon GO?s developers may just be minimizing potential problems now as the game?s current buggy system may trigger a bad string of incorrect bans and hurt the gaming community immensely. The game?s buggy build may be the reason why Niantic is only doling out soft bans instead of device blocks since the official release of Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO has beaten Twitter when it comes to active users, so it is crucial for the game?s servers not to experience a major system issue. For now, it would be best to avoid cheating in Pokemon GO despite the current inconsequential banning. It?s possible that Niantic may include previous offenders if they start a crackdown against the game?s cheaters.

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