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Pokemon GO Sex Book: Pokebutt GO Parodies Niantic’s Successful Mobile Game

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Pokemon Go Sex

With Pokemon GO now more searched than porn and nearly about to surpass the total number of Twitter active daily users, Niantic Lab?s mobile title is taking over the world slowly as it will reach more iOS and Android users in the next few days. While Pokemon fans are catching Pokemon in real life and battling against friends and fellow players, a fictional character from an erotic book is getting ready to pound the monsters. A Hugo-nominated author has introduced a Pokemon GO sex book called Pokebutt Go: Pounded by ?Em All.

Written by renowned erotic author Chuck Tingle, PokeButt Go features a fictional character, Torbit. He is worried because he sees that all the people roaming around the city are holding their mobile phones and playing a new game called Pokebutt Go.

The book?s Kindle edition is available on Amazon for US$2.98. According to the description of the book, Torbit feels like a zombie apocalypse is about to happen before he realizes that there?s a new mobile game that is keeping people busy. Well, this is how people can actually be seen these days since Pokemon GO launched.

The book?s story takes an interesting turn when Torbit starts playing Pokebutt Go and finds a Pokebutt and aspires to catch it. As he goes to the location, he finds a rare monster called Peebaroo. The beast he finds is a yellow bigfoot which can also be seen in the cover image of the book. The book by Tingle is packed with erotic actions as Torbit goes on his journey in the mobile game. This sex book has 4,000 words full of explicit content.

Parents who are letting their children play Pokemon GO are already advised to be watchful of their kids? actions, but now, after the launch of this book, it is better to ensure they are reading the right Pokemon ?GO guides. The Pokebutt Go book features the ?tale of human on gay Pokebutt action, including anal, blowjobs, rough sex, cream pies, and digital monster love,? the official description reads.

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