Pokemon GO Servers Down? How To Know When Niantic’s Servers Will Crash

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Due to the immense player base of Pokemon GO, server downtimes normally occur. However, some fans have come up with unofficial server tracker sites to check the game?s server status and current traffic. With this, players can easily know if they?ve been booted out of the game because of server crashes or emergency maintenance.

According to Forbes, there are currently two sites that players can visit for their Pokemon GO servers status checks: the unofficial server Pokemon GO Server Status status site and the ispokemongodownornot site. The sites are similar to the unofficial Steam Sale checker site. Fans of the game now have unofficial sites to check for important information without waiting for its developers? official statement.

The unofficial Pokemon GO Server Status is a simple site that just tells you if the game?s server is online or offline. Along with its straightforward status reporting, it has an impromptu survey to help players quickly voice out their current gaming experience if ever laggy gameplay comes up. If you?re just up for a quick look on the servers? status, this site is a good way to check it.

Alternatively, the ispokemongodownornot site also lets players know if the server is online, but it also features measured traffic data of the game?s server. This way, players can see if the server is fine or barely processing the game?s server traffic or if there are game problems.

Additionally, the site also lets players know how safe it is to place a lure module. Lure Modules improve Pokemon spawn rates , which might also increase traffic on the servers and is actually risky during laggy moments. Players certainly wouldn?t want to have connectivity issues when they?ve already used a Lure Module.

Currently, the ispokemongodownornot site only measures the servers for US and Europe. Australia and New Zealand players may have to wait for this unofficial feature to arrive for their servers. For now, we?ll have to wait for Niantic?s move regarding these sites — if they?ll let them operate or if they?ll take them down eventually. Stay updated on more Pokemon GO news here on TheBitBag.

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