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Pokemon GO Servers Finally Stable After New Update Released?

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO servers have received a mixed reception from fans when the game was launched. While players have been able to catch some monsters and explore, there were times when they had to restart the app due to online issues. While it?s doubtful that all the server issues have been fixed, it seems like the developers have been able to manage them better, as they seem to have been consistently good for a while now.

According to website Is Pokemon Go Down or Not, the servers for the game are currently okay. Login duration for the countries where the game is available have been pretty fast, and there’s a 99.3 percent chance players can place a lure. It looks like today is a great time to be a fan of the game.

Fans on Reddit have been buzzing about the fixed servers, thanking Niantic for their hard work. Some fans haven’t been able to have the same luck as others, so there is still a good amount of fixing to go, but at least we know the developers are trying to fix the various problems of Pokemon GO.

Unfortunately, the improved servers doesn?t fix all the game’s problems. The three footsteps bug is still there, which annoys gamers. It’s also likely that cheaters are still lurking around to get Gyms that other hardworking gamers have beaten. There is more work to be done, but at least the efforts of the developers resulted in something.

The servers of Pokemon GO are getting better.

It is clear that the mobile title’s most recent update did more good than bad. It felt like the newest update of the game has actually done a lot of good, despite initial fears that it caused a few more issues, like the increased amount of freeze times when a Poke Ball was thrown.

Either way, it seems like Pokemon GO is a much better game now than it was earlier in the month. It still has a number of issues, but it should be a smoother experience for those who want to catch their favorite critters in the real world.

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