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Pokemon GO Servers Down In All Countries

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Pokemon Go

Niantic launched Pokemon GO in several regions recently; and others have unoffically gotten the game through an APK leak. A few hours after launching, the game is already facing problems as some players can?t seem to connect to the game servers and they can?t access their beloved Pokemon for now.

In less than a day after the game launched, numerous players have reported that they can?t get into the game?s servers. Players are given no reason for not being able to access the game?s servers just yet, and many are expecting a statement from Niantic soon.

Players speculated that the servers are shutting down in areas wherein the game launched prematurely thanks to the APK, however, players in official launch areas have reported to being not able to get in the game as well.

A few hours after the game launched in New Zealand and Australia , an anonymous source has leaked the game?s APK, meaning everyone with an Android device can already play the game even if their country isn?t part of the official launch areas yet. It?s possible that Niantic shut down servers in a bid to find a solution to the game leaking way too early, so countries where the game is not yet available in might not be able to play the game when servers go live again.

Another possible reason for the server shutdown is the number of players getting in the game. We?re all pretty familiar with the hype behind Pokemon GO so it?s no surprise that possibly millions are getting ?in on launch day. Niantic may have underestimated the popularity of its augmented reality title and wasn?t fully ready for the unexpected number of players thanks to the leaked APK.

Up until now, servers are down and Niantic is yet to issue a statement regarding the downtime. Check in on us here at The BitBag for updates on the down time and Pokemon GO as well.


Pokemon GO has now gone live on the Google Play Store and Apple Store in the US. The game is not yet available in Canda. Despite the game being made available for download, players are still reportedly having problems in accessing the servers.

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