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Pokemon GO Server Problems: Should Niantic Refund Players With Incense Items?

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO might be the most popular app in the world, but it is far from perfect. The mobile title has suffered from numerous problems, including pokeballs freezing after being thrown and the constant appearances of phantom Pokemon. Sadly, it looks like there is something else that has been bothering players: server crashes.

Server crashes are nothing new to online only games, but they have had a drastic side effect to some Pokemon GO users. One Reddit user, in particular, discussed how he purchased 25 Incense items for 1,250 in-game currency but didn’t get the items due to the server crash. The player has tried restarting the mobile title but has not gotten the items, nor have the coins been returned.

Incidents similar to this have happened to other users, with some pointing out that Niantic has yet to address these problems. This has infuriated some players since their hard-earned currency was not reimbursed to them. It’s easy to understand the frustration, especially since the developers in Niantic haven’t responded yet.

Fans who have experienced this problem are wondering if Niantic will compensate them for their troubles, suggesting free Incense items, among other things. Since Niantic have yet to comment on these bugs, it is not sure if users will get any type of compensation for the trouble.

Fans dealing with the server issues of Pokemon GO.

However, refunding players would be a nice gesture from the company and something fans of Pokemon will appreciate. After all, the most recent update caused plenty of problems for players, and it is clear that the developers have to do something if they want to keep them and get the game ready for a worldwide release, which it currently isn’t.

To be fair, the company is probably aware of these problems, which may be the reason the app hasn’t been released in other countries, outside of the ones that were given a beta test. Here?s hoping that they plan on compensating players somehow.

As of the moment, Pokemon GO is only available in a few countries. While fans want a worldwide release, it’s clear that there are still plenty of things to fix in the game.

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