Pokemon GO Secrets: Top 4 Features And Stats You Won’t See In The Game

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Due to the game?s simple design and Niantic?s lack of updates, some of Pokemon GO?s systems have been hidden until the fans were able to unearth them via data mining. While they can?t be seen in-game, players can actually feel its effects in the game. Here?s some of the game?s features and stats that you cannot see in-game.

Individual Values (IV)

Individual Values (IV) are the actual stats that constitute a Pokemon?s overall Combat Power rating. Contrary to popular belief, CP ratings do not determine the true strength of a Pokemon, but knowing the IV or the Pokemon?s stats will definitely help a player understand what constitutes the ?best? Pokemon. Currently, these stats can?t be seen in-game but can be found on spreadsheets and discussion on the Pokemon GO related forums or Reddit. Once you?ve grasped a certain literacy on these numbers, you can start breeding Pokemon to their best CP rating and even compete with the game?s toughest Gyms.

Pokemon Nests

Pokemon Nests are certain areas in the real world where Pokemon of the same kind spawn en masse. These spots are entirely intentional and convenient for Pokemon GO Candy farming. Currently, players will have to find these Pokemon Nests areas by themselves. Players will know if a Pokemon Nest is nearby if a large amount of the same Pokemon are found by their in-game Pokemon tracker.

PokeStop Cooldowns

PokeStops in Pokemon GO are places of interests for players to travel to in real life for free in-game loot. These PokeStops are crucial in a player?s progression as they?re the only definite source of free Pokeballs in the game. PokeStops also provide all sorts of helpful knickknacks besides Pokeballs such as Berries, Incenses and Lure Modules. However, PokeStops can only be reused in certain conditions. These PokeStops don?t have active timers which may sometimes confuse players.

After using a PokeStop, you must leave the vicinity for 5 minutes until it changes back to the color you found it in. This way, you can easily make it a routine to pass by such areas every day or every cooldown to gather a limitless supply of resources for future use.

Easter Eggs

This one isn’t about what “you can’t see in the game” but more of a “you didn’t see coming in the game.” Apparently, fans were bummed due to the randomization of Eevee evolutions and the lack of elemental stones in Pokemon GO. However, fans found an easter egg that they can force evolve an Eevee to their desired form by naming Eevee as one of the Eevee brothers in the Pokemon anime series. Niantic may have a large avenue of rewarding longtime Pokemon fans through naming of their own Pokemon with the unique characters in every Pokemon media.

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