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Pokemon GO Secret Code: Game Codes, Tip You Should Know By Now

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO continues to become a worldwide phenomenon that mobile gamers are going crazy over. The game allows people to catch Pokemon in the real world, which is certainly very addicting. While catching every single Pokemon is one of the major goals for the game, dominating in battles and leveling up is also very important. This is where knowing a Pokemon GO Secret Code can come in very handy.

Getting your hands on the code of Pokemon GO can be very tough, especially if you are not a computer wizard. Thankfully, there have been other Pokemon GO gamers who have done just that. One particular Reddit user Phorzee has used the information that he got from reading the actual game code of Pokemon GO to help make a handy little list of things that gamers should definitely know.

Here are some of the most important tips that you should already know by now:

  • The trainer level cap is level 40. This means that at the moment no matter how much you level up, level 40 is the max level that you can reach. There is no word yet on whether this is going to change or not but getting to level 40 will still take a while. In fact, if you reach level 39, you will need to earn 5 million XP in order to reach level 40.
  • Vaporeon is the second strongest Pokemon. If you are looking for a very strong Pokemon that is easy to get, consider getting a Vaporeon. Based on the Pokemon GO code, it is the second strongest Pokemon in the game. Only Mewtwo is stronger than a Vaporeon which could be due to a mistake but it is certainly something that you can take advantage of.
  • For faster egg hatching, travel in a straight line. It has not been revealed how exactly the game tracks the distance you travel when you are hatching an egg in Pokemon GO. Based on the feedback of several gamers, it is said that traveling in a straight line would be the fastest way to reach the distance required.
  • The way you throw a Pokeball determines how much XP you earn. It also determines the likelihood of catching a Pokemon. A curveball gets you bonus XP while ?nice?, ?great? and ?excellent? throws make it more likely for you to catch a Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Secret Code

There you have it. If you want to succeed in Pokemon GO, those are just some of the tips that you should always remember. Good luck and never give up until you ?catch ?em all!?

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