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Pokemon GO: Should You Save Candies Already For Gen 2 Pokemon?

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has been a success, despite its many faults. The game has managed to appeal to newer players while also providing a different experience for veteran fans of the series. While the current build of the game still doesn?t have all the Pokemon from generation 1 yet, some are wondering if Niantic will expand this number and add the Pokemon from generation 2.

It’s not an impossibility, since Niantic and Nintendo would want the game to have plenty of appeal for years to come. Should Pokemon from generation 2 come, fans on Reddit have pondered if they should save up the candies and stardust they have gathered for the newer batch of monsters.

Generation 2, or Pokemon Gold and Silver for simplicity, added a number of new evolution forms for Pokemon that had one or two states in the older games. Some of the popular ones include Pichu, the baby form of Pikachu; Scizor, the evolved form of Scyther; and Slowking, the evolved form of Slowbro and the final form of Slowpoke.

Eevee also benefited from Gold and Silver, as the adorable creature got a psychic evolved form in Espeon and a dark-type state called Umbreon. They were both quite powerful in their own right and cemented Eevee as a must-catch in all the games in the series, including Pokemon GO, where it still has its first three forms.

Will the Gen 2 Pokemon come to Pokemon GO?

While seeing Gen 2 Pokemon would be nice, fans should keep in mind that the current build of the mobile game is still pretty messy. The game has freezing problems, phantom Pokemon glitches and a number of other issues. That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun, but it might not be ready for an update that would add 100 new critters, since we could have 100 new problems.

Niantic and Nintendo should definitely consider adding monsters from Gold and Silver to Pokemon GO, just not right away. If they do end up adding new Pokemon, players will want to save up some of their candy and stardust for the new batch of critters. The mobile game is only available in certain countries and is not available for a worldwide release yet.

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