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Pokemon GO: How To Save Battery Life

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Pokemon Go

Nintendo and Niantic Labs have finally launched Pokemon GO. Since its launch, many players have been reporting several issues in the game. Niantic has already said that they are working to fix the issues, however, among all the issues players have been facing, the problem of battery consumption is probably frustrating fans the most. Many have reported that the latest game eats up a lot of power, so here?s a quick guide on how you can save battery life while playing the AR game.

In the Pokemon GO settings, players can find a battery saver mode that reduces battery usage. Players will have to go to the Main Menu in Map View; there they will find the Settings. After clicking Settings, players will see the Battery Saver option.

Niantic says that when the player Battery Saver option is enabled, it optimizes the battery life. This option turns off the display whenever the device is pointed downward. The option does not close the game, and it continues tracking the distance travelled by the players and nearby Pokemon.

Additionally, players can lower down their device?s brightness level which can save battery while playing the game. Players can also disable any application running in the background. While playing the game, players can also disable the unnecessary apps that consume a lot of power. These are some processes which you can follow to reduce battery usage.

According to Niantic, it is working on a solution for the problem, and the company assures fans that all the issues will be resolved. The game features rich graphics and requires Internet connectivity and GPS all the time, so it will certainly consume more battery unlike other games which you can play offline and without location access.

Niantic has not shared when the issues will be solved, but the developer aims to sort out the problems soon. For the meantime, it is better to carry a battery charger whenever you play the game, at least until a permanent solution for Pokemon GO arrive.

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