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Pokemon GO: Save Battery Life With New Notifications App

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Pokemon GO

A lot of Pokemon GO third party apps are popping up here and there, and while they are looked down upon by Niantic, we have to admit that these apps are pretty useful. A new third party app looks to solve one of the core issues of the game which is its high consumption of battery, and players are reporting good news about the app.

Notifications for Pokemon GO by Apptastic! is a pretty neat tool that does exactly what it says on the title as it notifies the player through his smartphone whenever a Pokemon is nearby. This means that the player doesn?t have to regularly check on his phone and even open the app, which, in turn, could save a few more hours of precious battery life.

The third party app assures the player that he won?t miss out on any precious Pokemon while travelling even if he doesn?t keep the app running. Like PokeVision and other third party apps, Notifications for Pokemon GO uses the same API of Niantic instead of crowdsourced information, so every Pokemon location and notification is legitimate and spot on.

Even better is that Notification for Pokemon GO allows the player to toggle which Pokemon he wants notifications for. This is especially useful for players who are on the lookout for specific Pokemon and also to those who have too much of one Pokemon.

By opening up a menu, players can see a list of all the currently available Pokemon in the game. From there, they can toggle which Pokemon they want notifications from whenever it is nearby. Using it with other third party apps like PokeVision would almost ensure that the player will always go on successful Pokemon runs.

It?s worth noting that this isn?t an app from Niantic, so it?s best to take heed when using it as the developer might give penalties to those using such apps sometime in the future.

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