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Pokemon GO Saint Patrick’s Day Event Is Unlikely

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Pokemon GO Saint Patrick's Day
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Since Pokemon GO launched last year, developer Niantic released some in-game events in celebration of internationally known holidays in the world. However, a Saint Patrick’s Day event won’t likely be celebrated in Pokemon GO. Here’s why a Pokemon GO Saint Patrick’s Day event might not happen this year.

Pokemon GO Events so far

Niantic has come up with Pokemon GO events for each known global holiday so far. Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day are among the holidays that Pokemon GO featured. Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t celebrated throughout the world, which could be the reason why Niantic may not have an event for it in the game.

Easter Event

According to coming2atvnearu’s thread on the Pokemon GO subreddit, fans are looking forward to an Easter event on April 16 rather than a Pokemon GO Saint Patrick’s Day event this March 17. Even non-Christian nations have an idea about Easter Sunday due to the “Easter Egg” festivities. Since finding creatures in Pokemon GO already feels like finding easter eggs every day, Niantic may hatch up an idea for the event.

Pikachu with A Leprechaun Hat

Those anticipating a Saint Patrick’s Day event expect to see Pikachu wearing a leprechaun hat. While it’s great for the mascot Pokemon to get the spotlight again, Niantic has already highlighted two prior events with Pikachu wearing a unique hat. The most recent event that Pikachu got to wear a hat was on February 26 in celebration of Pokemon Day.  

satan04 on the SilphRoad shared an image showing Pikachu wearing a leprechaun hat, but none from the community has found any legitimate clues yet that point towards a Pokemon GO Saint Patrick’s Day event. It’s possible this is just an edited image

Potential Green Day

If we end up wrong and Niantic pushes through with a Pokemon GO Saint Patrick’s Day event, it may be celebrated with increased encounter rates of green-colored Pokemon. Previously, the Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day event increased encounter rates of pink-colored Pokemon. Grass-type Pokemon usually have green colors, which is why they could be the focus of the St. Patrick’s Day event, given the holiday’s association with the said hue.

No Niantic Announcements Yet

Previously, Niantic announced their Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day event details earlier than the holiday itself. The Valentine’s Day event was announced February 8 which is a week earlier than the day itself. However, Niantic hasn’t put up an event announcement on the official Pokemon GO site about any Saint Patrick’s Day event. Niantic still has a few days though before the holiday itself if they’re planning to announce something, unless they want to surprise their players.

Events Are Advantageous

No player can deny that each Pokemon GO event is advantageous for them regardless of the holiday. Any bonus is appreciated as it allows them to level up and evolve their Pokemon faster than usual. If there’s ever going to be a Pokemon GO Saint Patrick’s Day, Niantic just needs to make sure that the bonuses it brings are worth the players’ time. Stay updated with more Pokemon GO news here on TheBitBag.

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