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Pokemon GO Major Update Shows Pokestops & Pokemon Gym Improvement In Rural Areas

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Pokemon GO Anniversary
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Pokemon GO trainers in the rural areas have long complained how the game gives a great advantage to those who reside in or near the cities. They have more Pokestops, Gyms, and Pokemon spawns compared to those who live in suburban areas. However, Niantic has seemingly made the situation a little less dire for the less privileged.

The publisher recently seeded an update for the McDonald’s sponsored event exclusive in Japan. Although American players were left out of that particular party, they still got something good out of the occasion. Many Pokemon GO players in areas with little to no Pokestops or Pokemon Gym locations noticed a 10-15% increased spawn rate, at least in the US.

It may sound little, but this is a serious game-changer especially for those who rarely see any other Pokemon save for a Zubat or a Pidgey. According to BGR, the locations won’t change much, but players will see more new creatures popping up.

Pokemon GO Update

Talks of increased spawn rates in rural areas have surfaced since rumors of Niantic fixing the ongoing unintended punishment to non-city dwelling players swirled back in December. It looks like the developer has indeed started rolling out the changes slowly. More Pokemon has popped up lately and spawn rate for non-Pidgey Pokemon increased by quite a bit.

According to Redditor Koerrie, most Pokemon now spawn in the following manner:

• 15-minute spawn-rate per location now depreciated
• 30-minute spawn-rate in play
• Pokemon remain in place between 30 and 60 minutes

These are all server-side changes, however, so they shouldn’t necessarily become available right away. Note also that the aforementioned estimates are solely based only on user data, so be sure to take it with a grain of salt.

Golden Week Lure Event

Those who are reading this from Japan, Niantic and McDonald’s special “Golden Week” event is now live in your country. For the uninitiated, every PokeStop that happens to be a Pokemon GO McDonald’s sponsor will be automatically lured.

“During the period from April 29 (Sat) to May 7 (Sun), the petals will dance at “PokeStops” at about 2,500 domestic MacDonald’s, and the “Lure module celebration event” will be held, so that you can get a lot of Pokemon!” the Pokémon GO Japan Twitter account announced.

This is a great opportunity for trainers to build their collection of critters. As for those who live outside Japan, you’ll have to wait and see what event Niantic is introducing next. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of other global events for the popular mobile game in the future.

The first Pokemon GO anniversary is coming up this July 6, so there’s likely something big coming to the game by then. The company has teased that a Legendary Pokemon event is in the works as well.

Any thoughts about the latest Pokemon GO update? How’s the Golden Week event so far? Have you noticed a change in your local area too? Let us know in the comments.

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