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Pokemon GO Ripoff Has ?Sexy Nurses?

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO will be coming out in July, but it seems like the game already has its fair share of copycats, even though it has not come out yet. This was inevitable, since the app store has been known for having a ton of rip off games, but to see one this early is still a bit surprising.

According to Reddit, the name of the rip off game is called Pocket Go ? Poke Evolution, a title that is hardly subtle. Unlike the actual Pokemon game that will be coming out in July, Pocket Go has ?sexy nurses that empower you,? which is a bit disturbing, to say the least.

The mobile game promises 700 monsters to capture, which is more than Pokemon GO, but it is doubtful that players will recognize any of these creatures. It seems like the mobile game has not just ripped off the concept, but they have also used pictures and in-game screenshots to make it seem like a Pokemon game.

Mobile games have been trying to copy the classic Pokemon games since its inception, so it is no surprise to see other developers trying to cash in on the newest concept of the series. There are a ton of games in the App Store and Google Play that are ridiculously similar to Pokemon, though none of them have managed to capture the spirit of the series.

Well, there is Pocket Mortys, a parody of Pokemon that is also based on a popular adult cartoon called Rick and Morty. This game has a lot of fans due to how ridiculous the concept is and its humor, which clearly took its cues from the show.

It is doubtful that this clone will do better than Pokemon GO, a mobile game that has most of the world excited. The game features the first 150 Pokemon to capture, with the appeal of seeing them in a pseudo virtual reality. With the game coming out next month, it is doubtful that anyone will bother with Pocket Go, no matter how many empowering sexy nurses are added to the ripoff game.

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