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Pokemon GO Ripoff Game Tops App Store

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO ripoffs are?a dime a dozen on both the Google Play and Apple App stores. Unfortunately, it looks like one particular copycat has managed to rise above the rest and has even conned some unsuspecting players into forking out real money.

Beware of Pokemon GO Ripoffs

A user on Reddit by the name of Nieunwol has warned players that a game called ?Go Catch Em All! ? Hungry Monster.IO? has risen to the top of the Apple App store in the UK. Developed by someone named Nguyen Tra My, Go Catch Em ?All has nothing in common with Niantic Labs? game. To make matters worse, it looks like its core gameplay mechanics were stolen from another hit mobile title, agar.io.

The app has microtransactions which allows players to do away with the in-game advertisements that the dev has riddled it with. As of now, it?s impossible to determine how much he may have already earned from this fraudulent scheme.

?These type of Devs have no integrity. It’s the top here in my country too,? said a commenter on a Reddit thread.

Another user urges readers to quickly report the fake game to both Apple and Nintendo. ?Report the app to Apple and Nintendo. Aside from blatant false advertising with the screenshots, I’m pretty sure these devs don’t have any rights to use the Pok?mon names and designs,? he wrote.

More recent reports say that the title has already been stripped from certain countries? app stores but has managed to resurface under different names.

We know that you?re all eager to get your hands on Pokemon GO. However, until Niantic officially rolls out the game in your region, we think it?s best you stay vigilant to avoid getting conned by fakes like these.

So far, only the US, Australia, and New Zealand have official Pokemon GO access. For more news and updates on possible release dates?of the game in your country, keep it right here on TheBitBag.

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