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Pokemon GO: Riding A Bike? Here’s How Fast You Should Travel To Catch Pokemon

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO continues its trend of being a game filled with ups and downs. For every improved server and customizable avatar, there’s a freezing problem or a broken tracker. It seems like the game is stuck between being good and bad, but it turns out that might not be a huge problem for cyclists who still want to play the game.

According to a Reddit user, fans who cycle at about 15 mph will barely notice the reduced amount of Pokemon in the game. This is ideal for those who like to exercise and catch Pokemon at the same time, giving players enough distance and speed to catch a Pikachu or a Pidgey.

Cyclists will only realize the reduced spawning rate in Pokemon GO if they reach 20 or 30 mph. This is troubling if the player is cycling in a downhill road, which increases the speed of the bike for obvious reasons, but they should be able to keep their previous pace later on. At the least, fans who like to bike will be able to play the game.

It seems like the new 10-second spawning rate only affects those in cars, which might have been the intent. Some people use their vehicles to hatch Pokemon eggs, so it seems like Niantic wanted to put a stop to that since the mobile game is meant to be enjoyed in the outdoors with other people, not locked up in a vehicle. Players of the game also speculate that Niantic lengthened the scan time in order to prevent third Pokemon locators from working properly.

Biking with Pokemon GO is tough, but possible.

While it’s nice to see that cyclists don’t have a huge problem with the game, Niantic still has to fix the game in the next update. Though the three-step bug has been handled, the game still has a lot of bugs that players can’t stand. It might never be a perfect game, but it should be a fun and playable one at least.

Pokemon GO is now available in certain countries and is one of the most popular apps right now. The game is available on iOS and Android devices in the countries it is available in.

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