Pokemon Go Revealed: What We Know So Far Of Nintendo’s First Mobile Game

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Nintendo is finally making a move in mobile gaming with their announcement of Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon Company has announced during a press conference that their latest project, Pokemon Go, will be a mobile game for the iOS and Android and slated for next year. This is a collaboration with Nintendo and Niantic; a former start-up company that developed the hit mobile augmented reality game Ingress. Pokemon Go will combine the aspects of catching, collecting and battling Pokemons with the mix of augmented reality, the same idea on how Ingress has created, meaning you get to find Pokemon in different areas (which also encourages you to go out) in real time. Niantic is formerly a Google subsidiary but?broke away?after the Alphabet reorganization.

With the augmented reality mixing with Pokemon elements, expect battling rare and legendary Pokemons in different locations and you are encourage to beat them along with other trainers for a chance to catch these rare creatures. Also showed in the trailer is that you can trade and battle Pokemons with other people.

Aside from the game, Nintendo will be involved in developing a companion smartwatch called the Pokemon Go Plus, what it basically does is that it will detect any nearby Pokemons in your area without constantly check your smartphone, it will light up and vibrate to notify you for any hostile Pokemons. According to Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of The Pokemon Company, Pokemon Go was a project that both he and the late?Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata?has been working on for two years and this game will be a tribute for him.

No gameplay footage was shown during the press conference but some footage on the trailer gave hints on how the game will be played. Pokemon Go will be available for the iOS and Android for free and it is scheduled for a 2016 release.


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