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Pokemon GO: How To Rename Your Trainer

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Pokemon GO recently gave fans the option to customize their avatar after the initial process. This was a good move overall since fans tend to regret how their character looks and hope to change it. It turns out there is also a way to change the name of a player’s avatar, though it requires a bit of effort to do.

Using Another Device

A Reddit user recently discovered that they can change their names by logging into a different device that hasn’t installed the game yet. Once the player downloads the app, they will be taken to the game’s tutorial and then choose their names. Afterward, the player has the option to sync their previous data but keep their new name. The Reddit user claimed that this was done as a level 14 trainer.

While it is an interesting way to change the avatar’s name, it might be too risky. Some players fear that they might have their data overwritten, so all of their rare Pokemon might get deleted and they will have to start from scratch. That is obviously not a fun experience for those who worked their butts off to get a Dragonite or a Snorlax.

It’s also too much effort to change one’s name. Sure, some players might regret the name they have, but having to switch mobile devices to do one simple thing is a little too much, especially if the player has caught a bunch of Pokemon he or she likes. Do this trick with caution and only if your name is really that bad, because otherwise the effort just isn’t worth it.

Players can change their name, though it might be complicated.

Request From Niantic

Another way trainers can change their name is by sending a request to Niantic. They can head over to the support page of Niantic and ask to have your nickname be reset. Take note that it may take a while for Niantic to grant your nickname request.

Changing one?s name might not mean much to most fans of Pokemon GO since the goal of the game is to ?catch em all? like in the popular show. There aren’t any trainer battles yet, so no one will be challenging a poorly named player to a battle anytime soon.

Pokemon GO is now available in certain countries and should be getting a worldwide release sooner or later. Fans might not want to fix their names, but there is also an option to switch teams, which is much more understandable. The game is available on iOS and Android devices.

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