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Pokemon GO Released In Brazil In Time For Olympics 2016: Rare Pokemon, Exclusives Likely During The Games?

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has been released in Brazil on Wednesday just in time for the Rio Olympics 2016. Earlier, there were some Olympics athletes who were disappointed that the augmented reality game was not yet available in Brazil. But now, after winning medals, they can also catch Pokemons.

Let the games begin!

Niantic announced the availability of the game in the game?s official Facebook page: ?Break out the sneakers and Pok? Balls, and get ready to explore the world around you. We are excited to officially be putting Pok?mon GO in the hands of our Latin American fans, visitors, and the Olympic athletes in Rio!?

It?s not an official Olympic sport but athletes and fans will be able to enjoy the game during the Olympics. After winning them all, they also have a chance to catch ?em all. Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, really aimed to have the game released in his city in time for the Olympics, CNNMoney reports.


In a report by WashingtonPost, a Rio native, Gabriela Alves said after playing the game, ?I?ve never run this much in my life,? as she was running to collect Poke Balls. ?Is this what Olympians feel like??

Meanwhile, Japanese gymnast, Kohei Uchimura, was charged ?3,700 (500,000 yen) in his mobile phone bill for playing Pokemon GO in Rio, BBC reports. The six-time all-around champion incurred data roaming charges because of playing the game after his arrival in Rio.

His teammate, Kenzo Shirai said that Uchimura ?looked dead at the team meal that day,? after receiving his mobile phone bill.

?I really lucked out,? the champion gymnast said. His mobile carrier gave him a daily flat rate in order to settle his bill. This means, he will be charged 3000 yen per day.

Pokemon GO has been a global phenomenon since its release last month. Now available in this year?s Olympics host country, players will not only vie for gold, silver, or bronze, but there?s also a Bulbasaur, a Charmander, or a Clefairy somewhere, or even a rare, exclusive Pokemon only available in the Rio Olympics 2016. ?

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