Pokemon GO Release Nears As Beta Test Ends This June

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Pokemon Go

After successful field tests in different regions in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and US, Nintendo might release Pokemon GO anytime soon. According to reports, field tests in Japan will come to an end this month, and the mobile application that players have been using will no longer work. It is also being said that the major Pokemon caught by players during the field tests include Abra, Rattata, Meowth, Pidgey and Gastly.

According to the information from different sources including Serebii, the Pokemon GO release date is nearing. Nintendo is apparently putting the field tests to an end. According to the source, there will be no field tests in Japan and US after June 30, and the application will also stop working. According to the report, players in the US have also been notified via an email suggesting that the beta tests will end in the region on June 30 as well.

The report states that all the saved data will be wiped out once the field tests end. Nintendo is currently hosting Pokemon GO field tests in Australia and New Zealand, but no official confirmation is available about the end of the field tests in these regions. Meanwhile, there has been some rumors regarding a beta test for UK, but this seems unlikely with the game nearing its release already.

Fans have been excited now that Nintendo has given a July Pokemon GO release date, and while an exact date has not yet been mentioned, the company might announce it soon as the beta nears its end. Some fans speculate that the mobile game will get released on July 11, in time for Satoru Iwata?s death anniversary. Iwata is the man responsible for bringing the game to an international audience and it would be a fitting tribute for the former chief executive officer of Nintendo.

Nintendo has already confirmed the availability of Pokemon Go Plus, a wristband that provides better gaming experience to players. It connects with the player?s smartphone via bluetooth. Interested buyers will need to shell out US$34.99 to get the device from Amazon and GameStop. Pokemon Go will be released as a free-to-download game for Android and iOS platforms, but there will be in-game purchases.

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