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Pokemon GO Release Date News: Official Launch Revealed, Plus What We Know So Far

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The release date for Pokemon GO was finally revealed during the recent Nintendo Treehouse Live event.

The release date for Pokemon GO was finally revealed during the recent Nintendo Treehouse Live event. According to IGN, the highly-anticipated game will be launched on or before this July.

Video game designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto was present at the announcement, where he also revealed the Pokemon GO Plus device. The gadget lets players discover Pokemon using a wearable Bluetooth accessory, eliminating the need to check their phones constantly. The device would be available after the official release of Pokemon GO next month.

Earlier this June, gamers around the world tried out Pokemon GO during a series of beta tests. This allowed developers to work on the game?s major problems in preparation for its launch.

One report detailed that the TV series was the foundation of the gameplay of Pokemon GO. With players collecting as many pocket monsters as they could, so they could battle or trade with other Pokemon masters.

Gamers will also need to go outdoors in order to catch Pokemons. The location of a Pokemon anywhere around the world ? whether in a mall, park, sidewalk, or even amid a crowd ? will be shown in a map. Once a player gets an alert that there is a Pokemon nearby, you can go to the location and use the gadget?s touch screen to launch a Poke Ball. This somewhat gives gamers the experience of hunting pocket monsters in the real world!

While many fans are excited with the release of Pokemon GO, some who have tried it on beta phase have given negative feedbacks. An anonymous field tester from Kotaku Australia first pointed out that playing Pokemon GO does not give the player a feeling that he is the game?s protagonist, but rather more like a non-playable character (NPC), who just happens to catch and battle Pokemon.

The tester also criticized the game?s evolution system, wherein the player can get evolution shards only by capturing different versions of the same Pokemon. This means that if a user gets Eevee or Ponyta or other rare Pokemons, then their evolution time will take much longer. ?

The game?s battles were limited to gyms, which turned off some game testers. The game was also criticized during its testing phase for supposedly having limited player interaction, which affects its multiplayer appeal.

With the negative feedback circulating about the game, players hope that Pokemon GO would be improved in time for its release this July.

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