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Pokemon GO Release Date: Android & ?Coming Soon?

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Pokemon GO

It is officially July and fans are now wondering when the official Pokemon GO release date will be announced. Nintendo stated that it would be this month and even ended the beta run earlier to get fans ready for the new mobile game. It might be too early to get a release date, but the company did state July, so it is easy to see why some fans want to know the date already.

Anyone hoping to find answers on the official website of the game are out of luck, as it only shows a few screenshots of the game and ?coming soon? in big bold letters. It is safe to assume that we will be seeing the game in late July, though it could still come out in the middle of the month as well.

The lack of an official release date definitely won?t please the already impatient fans who want to start roaming around parks to catch lovable creatures in Pokemon GO. The game is meant to appeal to both hardcore fans of the series and newer gamers who might have only heard about it recently. This approach has gotten a mixed feedback from the beta testers who have played the mobile game, but one cannot deny that it is unique from the older titles.

Meanwhile, July is a big month for Pokemon fans. Not only are they getting Pokemon GO on their iOS and Androids this month, but Nintendo and Game Freak are planning to reveal some brand new information about the new 3DS games Pokemon Sun and Moon. It is a great time to be a Pokemon fan, though ?catching them all? has become a more impossible task in recent years.

That will not be the case for Pokemon GO though, which focuses more on defending gyms with Pokemon. Whether this unique system will make the game successful is not yet known, but the game will definitely be downloaded a lot when it comes out, partly due to the fact that it is a free-to-play mobile game and it has the word Pokemon on it, though it also has an expensive companion device. The game already has rip-offs coming out, showing how popular it already is.

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