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Pokemon GO: Are There Region Exclusive Rare Pokemon?

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Pokemon Go

Although Pokemon GO doesn?t really allow players to create a strong bond with their Pokemon, Niantic did their best to create an authentic Pokemon experience in their mobile game. However, Niantic may have gotten a bit overboard by staying true to the franchise by making some Pokemon exclusive to some areas. This lessens the chances of Pokemon GO players in accomplishing the game?s unspoken goal of ?catching em? all.?

Several players are reporting that not all Pokemon are in their area or anywhere near it, excluding Mew, MewTwo, Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno, all of which are yet to be revealed by Niantic. The idea is very similar to the regions in the Pokemon RPGs wherein some Pokemon are limited to some regions, like Vulpix, Gloom and several others being exclusive to the Kanto region in Pokemon Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.

According to some players, Tauros can only be acquired in the US. However, some players from Canada have reported getting a Tauros and Kangaskhan in Australia and possibly in New Zealand, Mr. Mime in Europe and Farfetch?d in Asia, but these have yet to be confirmed. The only way to confirm if there are any region exclusive Pokemon is if Niantic announces it or if players worldwide check it out themselves when the game finally launches for all regions.

It?s a pretty fun concept that make Pokemon GO an even better simulation of the franchise. However, it could be a bit unfair to everyone else who don?t have the capacity to travel around the globe in hopes of completing their Pokedex.

So far, no one has reported getting the 146 currently available Pokemon in the game, and it may be because of this region exclusivity. If this is the case, we?re expecting Niantic to create a system in Pokemon GO that allows players to catch Pokemon that aren?t in their area.

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