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Pokemon GO Razz Berries: What You Probably Don’t Know

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Every trainer?s journey in Pokemon GO centers on catching and training Pokemon that appear in the real world via augmented reality. It?s a major task, but thanks to a few items in the game, Pokemon catching and training make things a little easier. Aside from Poke Balls, Incense and Lure Modules, Razz Berries are also a good aid to Pokemon trainers. Razz Berries are a very helpful item as they make Pokemon catching easier, and here are a few things you might not know about it.

Level Requirement

Razz Berries aren?t available at the beginning of the game. It only becomes obtainable once the player reaches level 8, which isn?t a bad thing as players begin to encounter hard-to-catch Pokemon with high CPs at that level anyway.

When It Can Be Used

This Redditor points out that Razz Berries can be used every time a Pokemon breaks out of a ball. This means players can use the item several times during one encounter. Players might?ve overlooked this as Pokemon GO does not allow players to stack item effects. However, some users reported that the recent update might have nerfed the item as players can only use it once per battle now.

Decrease Flee Rate?

Other players speculate that the item does not only increase the chances of catching Pokemon, but it also decreases the chances of it running away as well. Although the in-game description of a Razz Berry doesn?t say this, players have this gut feeling that Pokemon are less likely to run away after using the item.

Other Berries On The Way

Datamines on Pokemon GO revealed more details about the game, and one of this is that there are two other berry types that will probably come someday soon. They are Wepar and Nanad berries, and they might be more effective as compared to Razz Berries.

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