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Pokemon GO: More Rare Pokemon Spawns After Using Incense?

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has been a bit unpredictable to play, thanks to the game’s various spawn points. These don’t usually last longer than an hour, but spotting one is great for catching a bunch of Pokemon. It seems players who want to catch them all believe that using Incense items could bring plenty of rare Pokemon out of their spawn point, but does it work?

Incense items can be used to lure Pokemon into areas that are more comfortable for the player, like, say, his or her house. This is why the items are a bit rare to find in PokeStops and are usually bought in the in-game store with real-life money. It is a free-to-play mobile game after all, so this was expected by most.

Various Pokemon GO users on Reddit have found spawn points that tend to have rare creatures in them.?Considering that these points don’t tend to last long, it wouldn’t hurt to use one of the few Incense items that players start with to catch their favorite Pokemon. It’s not every day that a player can see a Venusaur in the wild, and this would never happen in the regular games of the series.

However, it hasn’t been proven if Incense items can bring out rare Pokemon from their spawn points or even make more of the rare ones appear. It seems like players who were hoping to cheat the system by buying a ton of Incense items are going to have to be patient like everyone else when it comes to catching their favorite Pokemon.

Don’t expect to see this in the latest update.

The items can still be useful though. Players have to catch multiple versions of the same Pokemon to get Stardust and Candy, which gives the Incense some use. Multiple Pokemon can also be sent to Professor Willow so they can be exchanged for candy, which is sorely needed for

Pokemon GO is available now in certain countries but isn’t ready for a worldwide release yet. It is the most popular app right now and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices, so nobody is going to be left out.

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