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Pokemon GO: More Rare Pokemon Spawns When You Have No PokeBalls?

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Based on the experience of some players, rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO only appear when they are already running out of Poke Balls. Niantic is probably not doing this intentionally, but if the details shared by some players is something to go by, it?s what?s happening in Nintendo?s mobile game. There are many theories coming out on how the game works, and the latest one suggests that when the players don?t have any Poke Ball, they will encounter a rare Pokemon.

If rare Pokemon only spawns when someone has no Poke Balls, the player will obviously lose the opportunity to catch it. A Reddit user shared that he has missed three rare Pokemon because they only appeared when he was running out of Poke Balls. The fan claims that Niantic is doing this intentionally to force players to purchase Poke Balls.

In Pokemon GO, one can easily buy Poke Balls from the Shop by spending real money. It is being said that Niantic forces players to buy Poke Balls when they have none left by alluring them with rare Pokemon on their map.

While the issue has caused a lot of frustration to players, some see it as a great opportunity to help other people. According to user Curtis_66, one can easily take advantage of such cases. As we know, the same kind of Pokemon appears for every player, and it is up to them whether they catch it or not. The best thing is if you are running out of Poke Balls but encounter a rare Pokemon, you can just use a different account to catch the Pokemon.

Previously, players asked Nintendo for compensation for items they wasted due to server issues and bugs in Pokemon GO. This recent theory somehow gives players another reason to be angry at Niantic.

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